Expert Home Energy Assessments

What We Offer in Our Assessments

Detailed Analysis for Improved Home Efficiency

At Clean Safe Insulation Ltd, we offer specialized Home Energy Assessments to homeowners across the South Coast. Our service is designed to identify areas of heat loss in your home, helping you understand how to improve energy efficiency, reduce heating costs, and enhance overall comfort.

Inspection of Loft Insulation

Ensuring Optimal Insulation in Your Loft

Our assessors check the depth and quality of your existing loft insulation, identifying areas for improvement or replacement to prevent heat loss.

  • Improved heat retention

  • Reduced energy bills

  • Enhanced indoor comfort

  • Fully Certified

    Exterior Wall Condition Assessment

    Analysing the Integrity of Your Exterior Walls

    We examine the exterior walls for cracks, gaps, or moisture retention issues, which are critical in assessing the effectiveness of any existing cavity wall insulation.

    • Identification of structural issues

    • Prevention of moisture-related problems

    • Enhanced wall insulation efficiency

    • Fully Certified

      Thermal Imaging Analysis

      Visualizing Cold Spots with Advanced Technology

      Utilizing thermal imaging technology, we provide a visual representation of cold spots in your walls, helping pinpoint specific areas where insulation may be lacking or ineffective.

      • Accurate detection of heat loss areas

      • Targeted insulation improvements

      • Overall increased energy efficiency

      • Fully Certified

        Airflow and Ventilation Check

        Balancing Insulation with Adequate Ventilation

        Assessing airflow and ventilation to ensure that while your home is well-insulated, it also maintains healthy air quality and prevents moisture buildup.

        • Optimal indoor air quality

        • Prevention of dampness and mold growth

        • Maintenance of structural integrity

        • Fully Certified

          Why Choose Clean Safe Insulation Ltd?

          Leading Home Energy Assessments

          Opting for a Home Energy Assessment from Clean Safe Insulation Ltd means taking a significant step towards a more energy-efficient and comfortable home. Our comprehensive approach not only identifies key issues but also provides actionable insights and solutions. We understand the unique climate challenges faced by homes on the South Coast and tailor our assessments to offer the most effective recommendations. Our goal is to help you achieve tangible improvements in energy usage, comfort, and cost savings.

          Local Insight

          In-depth knowledge of the South Coast's typical home structures and climate-related challenges.

          Expert Analysis

          Skilled professionals using the latest techniques and technology for comprehensive assessments.

          Customized Solutions

          Tailored advice and solutions based on your home's specific needs and characteristics.

          Comprehensive Reporting

          Detailed reporting and practical recommendations for improving your home's energy efficiency.

          Enhance Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

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